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About Us

About Our Company

ICoachME is an organization dedicated to foster empowerment and enlighten others to the movement of self-awareness. We help people bring awareness into the internal struggles that reinforce their behavior which causes them to remain stuck and limited. We specialize in providing ICoachMe community therapeutic services.

Meet the Owner 

Our founder, Dr. Jenita Griffin, is a psychologist and motivational speaker. She strongly believes that every one of us has the power to heal ourselves. And in order to help others rebuild themselves, Jenita is designing journals to teach individuals aged 7 and up about self-awareness and its importance. Her workshops will also help them rediscover the internal tools necessary to bring about self-help change.


 Jenita Griffin, Psy.D, LCP, HSP

For the past twenty years I have worked in the field of Psychology, including outpatient mental health centers, hospitals, residential settings and in education departments. Many people I treat are children, adolescents and adults who suffer from different mental health problems ranging from spectrums of neurobiological, mood, trauma, anxiety, sleep, impulse control and eating disorders. 

In 2005, I founded Community Therapeutic Services, LLC which is an agency that provides counseling, psychotherapy, and psycho-education services to children, adolescents, adults and families. While providing services to many people over the years, I have come to terms that most people could help themselves. Thus, in 2017, ICoachME was established.

Mission Statement

ICoachME is a conscious awareness coaching company dedicated to fostering empowerment and enlighten individuals to the movement of self-awareness. It is an organizatio​n that helps individuals explore underlyin​g unhealthy habits of functioning and teach self-help techniques through self-empowerment strategies. It is an organization aimed to help individuals develop coping skills for handling problems posed anywhere from everyday issues to moderate mental health. 

ICoachME proclaims that every individual has the power to heal themselves and could be done with the right mindset, the right tools and the right guidance. 




  • To enlighten individuals to the movement of self-awareness.
  • To assist individuals to bring into awareness the internal struggles that help reinforce the behavior which causes them to remain stuck and limited.
  • To teach individuals effective self-help skills.
  • To empower individuals to understanding they have the power to heal themselves.
  • To provide presentations, consultations, workshops, groups and guidance to individuals seeking social and emotional growth.



ICoachME believes that each individual has the power to heal themselves, with the right tools, the right your best YOU is possible.

 ICoachME believes that YOU have the power to heal YOU!